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About Tulku Thondup

Tulku Thondup

Tulku Thondup Rinpoche was born in Golok, Eastern Tibet. At the age of five, every aspect of his life changed suddenly and dramatically. He was recognized as the reincarnation of Khenpo Konchog Dronme (Khenpo Kome)...[Read More]


Loving-kindness is the thought of wishing total happiness for others and putting that wish into practice. It is the thought of unconditioned, pure, and universal love towards all beings without attachment, self-centeredness, or expectation of rewards.


-Tulku Thondup


Boundless Healing

This book offers simple meditation techniques to awaken healing energies in the body and mind.

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The Healing Power of Mind

This book is an invitation to awaken the healing power of mind through inspiring images and sounds, mindful movements, positive perceptions, soothing feelings, trusting confidence, and the realization of openness.


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Masters of Meditation and Miracles

Tulku Thondup Rinpoche presents biographies of thirty-five realized teachers who belong to the Longchen Nyingthig lineage of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, a cycle of mystical teachings revealed by the great scholar and adept Jigme Lingpa.


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Water lily

Peace is Our Birthright

According to Buddhism, peace is our birthright.  It is inherent in our mind.  You see, the mind has two aspects. At the level of absolute truth or in its true nature, mind is utmost peaceful, open, joyful, and enlightened. It sees all simultaneously and as one, through its omniscience. Every being possesses such a nature. That is our ultimate nature, the fundamental basis. Through meditation, we can uncover and perfect this fully enlightened nature, as the Buddha proclaimed when he realized it:       I have realized the ambrosia-like Dharma.        It is luminous, profound, peaceful, uncreated...


World Peace Starts From Your Mind

If we are serious about fostering world peace, we must first understand, generate, and experience real peace in our own mental stream. Awareness of peace is the foundation and goal of healing ourselves and the world. If our mind, or consciousness, is enjoying the awareness of peace, our everyday life will turn into a life of peace. Whatever we say will resound as the words of peace. Whatever we do will manifest as the expression of peace. Our mere presence will make the hearts of many blossom with happiness and harmony. Then we become one of the true peaceful members...



As long as they are still under the karmic influence, rebirth is the inevitable future for every ordinary being and even for some accomplished meditators. According to Buddhism, death is not the end of life. Your physical body will dissolve into the elements at the time of death. But your mind or consciousness—your true identity—will take rebirth according to what your past karma will ordain for you. The chain of lives will go on through successive deaths and births, until the chain of karmas ceases upon the attainment of buddhahood. Source: Incarnation

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