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About Tulku Thondup

Tulku Thondup

Tulku Thondup Rinpoche was born in Golok, Eastern Tibet. At the age of five, every aspect of his life changed suddenly and dramatically. He was recognized as the reincarnation of Khenpo Konchog Dronme (Khenpo Kome)...[Read More]


Loving-kindness is the thought of wishing total happiness for others and putting that wish into practice. It is the thought of unconditioned, pure, and universal love towards all beings without attachment, self-centeredness, or expectation of rewards.


-Tulku Thondup


Boundless Healing

This book offers simple meditation techniques to awaken healing energies in the body and mind.

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The Healing Power of Mind

This book is an invitation to awaken the healing power of mind through inspiring images and sounds, mindful movements, positive perceptions, soothing feelings, trusting confidence, and the realization of openness.


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Masters of Meditation and Miracles

Tulku Thondup Rinpoche presents biographies of thirty-five realized teachers who belong to the Longchen Nyingthig lineage of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, a cycle of mystical teachings revealed by the great scholar and adept Jigme Lingpa.


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Judging Others

Unless one is omniscient or at least enjoys some degree of clairvoyance, no one can judge others. One can see how others appear and how they are behaving, but not who they are or why they are behaving in a particular manner. For example, enlightened ones such as buddhas, bodhisattvas, and sages appear in peaceful forms and wrathful forms, but all their activities will be for serving others with love. This is why the fully enlightened Buddha said, “Apart from myself and those like me, no one can judge another person.” Source: Incarnation

Buddha in Fall Leaves

Dedicate Your Meritorious Activities to Others

At the end of the meditation session dedicate all the merit or positive karma, the deeds of the meditation and prayers, to others—to your mother, to a neutral person, to a so-called foe, and to all beings as the cause of happiness, peace, and the realization of awareness of loving-kindness. Feel happiness for having this merit and giving it away to bring benefit to others. If you dedicate the merit of loving-kindness to others or offer any positive deeds toward others with loving-kindness, you will generate merit, positive karma, and bring future happiness for yourself. If you give away your...


The First Step to Bringing Peace

The first step to bringing peace is not to try to eliminate all external hostile forces, which is impossible anyway, but rather, to work with our own mind.  If we tame our mind, we will enjoy true peace, as if we have pacified the whole world. Shantideva writes,     Untamed beings are as unlimited as space. You will never be able to overcome them all. Yet, if you could simply overcome the hatred in your mind,  You will find that it is as if you have overcome them all. How can you possibly find enough leather To cover the...

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