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About Tulku Thondup

Tulku Thondup

Tulku Thondup Rinpoche was born in Golok, Eastern Tibet. At the age of five, every aspect of his life changed suddenly and dramatically. He was recognized as the reincarnation of Khenpo Konchog Dronme (Khenpo Kome)...[Read More]


Loving-kindness is the thought of wishing total happiness for others and putting that wish into practice. It is the thought of unconditioned, pure, and universal love towards all beings without attachment, self-centeredness, or expectation of rewards.


-Tulku Thondup


Boundless Healing

This book offers simple meditation techniques to awaken healing energies in the body and mind.

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The Healing Power of Mind

This book is an invitation to awaken the healing power of mind through inspiring images and sounds, mindful movements, positive perceptions, soothing feelings, trusting confidence, and the realization of openness.


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Masters of Meditation and Miracles

Tulku Thondup Rinpoche presents biographies of thirty-five realized teachers who belong to the Longchen Nyingthig lineage of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, a cycle of mystical teachings revealed by the great scholar and adept Jigme Lingpa.


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Staying With It

Some people who come to my workshops think that all their problems will be cured, like magic, in one session. Unfortunately, it hardly works that way. These days, we’re conditioned to want a ‘‘quick fix’’ and instant results. If we meditate with wholehearted openness, it can make a difference even in a weekend. But we have to keep going.   Not long ago, a great Buddhist spiritual teacher gave a talk to a Western audience, advising them to meditate a little bit every day. ‘‘It may not make a difference in the short run,’’ he said, ‘‘but in weeks, months,...

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The Importance of Recognizing Enlightenment as Our True Nature

It can be so empowering for us to understand, even on a conceptual level, that we are enlightened in our true nature. We may say, ‘‘Such a wonderful state of mind seems so far beyond me, why should I even think about it?’’   The reason I like to remind people about their perfect nature is that this can encourage us. Yes, it’s true that our grasping often obscures this nature. But the good news is that we already have what is needed to be peaceful and happy. By training our minds through meditation and developing the right attitudes in...

Trongsa, Bhutan

The Importance of a Focal Point

Amid our difficulties and struggles, it can be so helpful to have a focal point. We can choose any positive mental image or experience to focus on. I encourage people to think about a peak experience and bring back the feeling from it.   One example from my own life is the spiritual experience I had on a visit to a great teacher. We may find that an obviously inspiring memory springs to mind, or else we could choose from many possibilities, like a wonderful experience in the mountains or at the seashore. Even if we feel so downcast that...

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